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Auction Catalog Item for: 2/9/2021


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Description:7 Vintage US Army Air Force WWII Shoulder Sleeve Insignia Patches: 101st Airborne (2 parts) US Army Air Forces 4th Air Force 7th Air Force 8th Air Force 1st Air Force USAAF Bombardier All very clean and appear to have never been used. ----------------------------------- 9 Vintage Decals & Brochure from “National Air Shows”, 1930-1939: 1930, small brochure 1933, 2 small decals (one MNH; one MLH) 1934, large decal, MLH, loss on reverse 1935, large decal, creases, tape on reverse 1937, 2 large decals; both MNH 1938, large decal, MNH 1939, large decal, MNH
Estimate:50 - 1000
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