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Description:Vintage, original 8”x10” B&W photographs of old planes: *US Army Boeing F-2A *Con PT-3a *3 planes at McCook Field, Ohio *“Woolaroo” aeroplane; "From California To Honolulu. Of the 8 machines which started, only two finished in race of 2,500 miles across the Pacific. "Art" Goebel & his "Woolaroo" [sic] arrive first to win £7,000 prize." (This may be the image of Goebel’s plane?) 2 vintage photographs of five early Mexican aviators and the same men who became WWII Mexican Army Air Force officers; the latter signed: ***one showing them as [very] young aviator trainees in 1912 at the Moisant Aviation School in Garden City, Long Island, New York, standing before a “Bleriot” aeroplane; ***the second, taken in 1944 showing the same 5 men as Army Air Force officers in full uniform standing in front of an A-24; this second photograph is signed by each officer under his image; The officers are: Brigadier General P.A. Alberto Salinas Brigade General P.A. Gustavo A. Salinas Senior Pilot Juan Pablo Aldasoro Senior Pilot Horatio Ruiz Senior Pilot Eduardo Aldasoro Alberto Salinas Carranza was a Mexican aviator who participated in the Mexican Revolution and founded the Mexican Air Force. Gustavo Adolfo Salinas Camiña was a pioneer aviator. He was the first to use a plane to attack a ship at sea in the Action on April 9, 1914. The Aldasoro brothers are considered “Early Birds of Aviation”. Each photo is 8”x 10” and has a description on the back in Spanish;
Estimate:50 - 1000
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