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Auction Catalog Item for: 2/9/2021


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Description:A complete set of Will’s Cigarette Picture-Card Album of 50 cards of the “Kings of Speed”, all mounted in Wills’ album; and….. 11 loose cigarette cards -------------------------------------- Large Collection of over 130 Vintage Air Lines and related Decals and Stickers; varying sizes and purposes; some duplicates; nearly all are MNH, and very fine with no wear; see backs for a few that are not; some are rare: Alaska Airlines 2 All American Airways American Airlines 8 Arctic Alaska Travel Service Arizona Air Freight Australian National Airways 2 Barioche Jade (not a decal) BOAC 6 Bonanza 3 Bowen Braniff 4 British Commonwealth Pacific Airline (BCPA) Canadian Colonial Airways Canadian Pacific Air Lines Capitol Airlines Central Airlines Chicago & Southern Airlines 2 Continental Airlines 2 Cruzeiro Delta Airlines 8 Eagle Airways (Bermuda) Eastern Airlines 10 Flying Tiger Line 2 General Air Express Gilpin Airlines Grand Central Air Terminal (L.A.) Hawaiian Airlines 2 Inland Airlines 3 KLM 3 Mackey Maritime Central Airways Maygar Mid-Continent Airlines 2 Mohawk North Central Northeast Airlines 2 Northern Consolidated Airlines Northwest Airlines 9 Otto Airlines Ozark Air Lines Pacific Northwest 2 Pan American Pennsylvania Airlines, Inc. 2 Pennsylvania Central Piedmont Airlines Resort Airlines Sabena Scandinavian Airlines Slick Airways Southern Airways 2 TCA Thompson Aeronautical Corp. Transamerican Airlines 3 Trans-Texas Aiways 3 TWA 7 Union Southern Airlines United Airlines 6 Universal Air Systems Veterans Airline Western Air Lines Wheeler Airlines
Estimate:50 - 1000
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